Full Stack Development Services

Developing both client(Frontend) and server(Backend) software

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We provide end-to-end full-stack development services from simple static single page websites to crossplatfrom solutions with backend API


  • Information Architecture
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Solution Architecture
  • Software Architecture
  • Game Design
  • User Experience (UX)
  • Prototyping & Wireframing
  • Process Automation

Game & App Development

  • Unity (C#)
  • Ionic Framework
  • AngularJS & Angular (TypeScript)
  • HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript
  • Construct 2 & 3
  • WPF (C#, XAML)
  • VB6 and VB.net
  • Phaser.io
  • Cordova
  • XCode, Swift, Objective C
  • Assembler, C, C++

API Design & Development

  • Backend NodeJS, Express Development
  • PHP, WordPress
  • RAML, Swagger & Mulesoft Design/Dev
  • FaaS: AWS Lambda & Firebase Functions
  • Socket.io, Push Notifications, WebRTC

What is Full Stack Development

Why Choose XGameDev for Full Stack Development

  • The client does not need an individual person per single requirement
  • XGameDev charges include a full solution from frontend to backend, making the financial benefit greater for the client
  • No spaghetti code between different team members, resulting in one point of contact for the client
  • A single source of truth of the development requirements from beginning to end
  • A single point of communication between the client and XGamedev, making back and forth trivia less
  • Minimise communication overhead and understanding of what is required
  • Full Stack Development would include:
    • Project Management
    • Solution Architecture
    • Enterprise Architecture
    • Software Design
    • Backend server requirements
    • Design Patterns
    • Prototyping
    • Product Launch
    • Software Development LifeCycle
    • Post launch support

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