Unity Development Services

Cross-platform Unity development for Games and Apps.

Our strongest skills and expertise lie in Unity. We have used this game engine to build complicated games and applications for clients around the world. With our expertise in C# and Unity, there is no end to what we can make. The plugins that are available in Unity 3D for developers are a powerful tool to develop some spectacular projects.

We use the following plugins on a regular basis to deliver exactly what the client requires at the highest quality: Photon, Playfab, GameSparks, Firebase, Mapbox, WLRD, etc. We use Unity not only for 3D applications & games, but 2D as well.

We always have the clients best interest in mind, and strive to do the job in the most efficient and cost effective way.

We develop with a style that no code is throw away code, thus minimising rework and unnecessary time wasted. We use a variety of different patterns and software architecture techniques. Currently we are using a Redux Pattern when developing, and therefore no spaghetti code is present. This makes changes, updates, or new requirements implemented speedily and effectively.

speedboat zombie
speedboat Zombie
Speedboat drag racing
Speedboat drag racing
Speedboat drag racing
smashy dots
smashy dots
smashy dots
smashy dots

What have we developed in Unity?

  • Architectual 3D building planning and design
  • Drone path finding application
  • Indoor navigation application
  • Educational interactive eBooks
  • Strategic AI games with millions of players and downloads on the Stores
  • Multiplayer platforms using photon
  • Shooter style 3D games
  • Card gambling games
  • Hyper Casual games

Why Choose XGameDev for Unity Development

  • We have over 8k hours Unity 3D expertise
  • We have a fully licensed version of Unity 3D
  • We can make any 3D or 2D application or Game in Unity 3D
  • Created and Delivered over 50+ personal and Client projects
  • We believe in the fail fast method, providing fortnightly builds for quicker feedback and progress
  • We can build and publish to a variety of platforms including:
    • Mobile
      • iOS
      • Android
      • Amazon
      • Facebook Instant Games
    • Desktop & Laptops
      • Windows
      • macOS
      • Linux
      • Steam
      • Facebook Gameroom
    • TV's
      • Apple TV
      • Android TV
    • Online
      • WebGL
      • Facebook (WebGL)
      • Kongregate (WebGL)
      • Newgrounds (WebGL)
      • Free WebGL Games (WebGL)