Years of Experience VS Hours of Experience

“How many years of experience do you have?” – asked the recruiter.“~30 000 hours” – I said after a slight pause“That’s nice, but how many years?” – She said ‘annoyed’“10 years” – I said ‘slightly more annoyed’“We are looking for someone with 12 years experience” – She responded, without hesitation“But….” I TRIED to say….“You unfortunately don’t have the number of years […]

How to work from home productively

With all this chaos and panic happening around us, many companies are asking their employees to work from home. With the right tools, mindset and focus, you will be more productive than you have ever been at work! Small and big corporate companies have always been a bit sceptical about their workers working from home […]

Be more productive with RescueTime

What did I do today?… was a question I used to ask myself a lot at night, planning my next day. As a freelance developer, I’m always looking for new ways to gain more time, especially productive time, so I can have more time with my family I discovered a neat little tool back in […]