XGameDev is highly committed to keeping your personal data protected. As the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has come into force on May 25, 2018, we have revised all interactions with our website visitors and prospective and existing clients.Below you will find more information on what GDPR is and how we are ready for the GDPR compliance.

What is the GDPR privacy policy about?

GDPR is a new data protection regulation. It is applied to the EU member states and all other countries interacting with them. The GDPR policy aims to let individuals have better control over the data collected, held and used about them.The GDPR policy aims to:Bring into compliance all the personal data directives and regulations across the EU
Make personal data management transparent and fair
Increase data controllers’ responsibility for personal information captured
Monitor the compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act better

How XGAMEDEV brings its actions in compliance with GDPR

At XGameDev, we act as both personal data controllers and handlers. We approach the GDPR rules very seriously. We have created an action plan to bring our communication with clients and website visitors into compliance with these rules and have implemented the following:

  • Reviewed all the XGameDev actions requiring personal data management
  • Updated our Privacy Policy to be in line with the GDPR rules
  • Established general rules for all the XGameDev departments to hold and manage personal data in the appropriate way
  • Updated our Cookie Policy to create transparency about how and why XGameDev intends to use cookies and similar technologies while capturing personal data and changed email templates according to the GDPR regulations
  • Improved our secure network connection and monitored all hardware connected to it
  • Made sure all the company staff uses licensed software to avoid data leakage.

Personal data protection responsibility taken by XGAMEDEV

To meet the GDPR requirements, XGameDev takes responsibility for doing the following things:

  • Access or share the access to the data you allowed us to capture and hold and manage it only under the GDPR rules
  • Implement proper data protection policies across all XGameDev departments to ensure secure personal data processing (instating a safe password policy, establishing secure network connections, keeping track of all the hardware connected to the XGameDev network, applying encryption protocols to prevent data leak, monitoring timely updates of the software licensing, and arranging a series of workshops dedicated to the proper GDPR compliance by the XGameDev staff).
  • Implement restricted and safe access permissions for personal data controllers and handlers
    Involve only authorized personal data handlers subject to confidentiality agreements to process the information you allowed us to collect
  • Inform you about any data breaches in a timely manner to ensure all the GDPR rules are properly implemented.

Please note: The action plan described above is not complete and may be updated in the future. XGameDev is obliged to comply with all the GDPR regulations to keep your personal data safe. If you have any suggestions or complaints about our personal data protection policies, please make use of the XGameDev contact form or send us your message to