eLearning Solutions

eLearning is one of the most flexible tools that puts the power in your hands to master a new skill or complete a new course.

For some, it can be used as an academic solution, while businesses might consider it for onboarding new employees or for providing training for new workplace systems.

With its seamless accessibility and low cost, there is no denying that eLearning is a relevant tool for our modern world. Businesses that choose to leverage it can benefit from the flexibility it offers, as well as how every solution can be tailor-made for specific learning needs.

Why work with us?

With our knowledge of various development processes, as well as how to gamify content, our team is skilled in developing eye-catching, engaging content.
We know how to structure content for various audiences, ensuring that your target audience can get the knowledge they need from every solution created.

Experts in cutting-edge eLearning content

XGamedev has extensive expertise in providing eLearning game development services, which include designing interactive and engaging games specifically for educational purposes. These games are tailored to enhance the learning experience. They make it enjoyable for students by
incorporating multimedia elements such as graphics, animations, videos and audio.

Our approach

Our team of developers and designers work closely to align each game with specific learning objectives. We establish these goals upfront during our first discovery meeting, ensuring that we will align the final product with the results that you need.

Added to this, the target audience is considered during the development process. We begin by referring to the game design document that outlines the game mechanics, rules and objectives.

Storyboards or prototypes may be used to visualise the game’s look and feel, and we ensure that every client is happy with these guides before moving forward in the development process.

The XGameDev team then uses the incredible design power of Unity3D and C# as our primary tool to develop these eLearning games or Construct 3.

The Unity 3D project can be exported as a SCORM package, making it seamlessly compatible with various learning platforms, such as Moodle. Furthermore, our team has ample expertise in integrating H5P to include additional interaction and enhance the overall gaming experience for learners.

Our expertise

Our expertise in eLearning solutions includes the following:

  • Unity for 3D Training and simulations
  • HTML5 and H5P for 2d interactive activities
  • SCORM for Moodle Reporting
  • xAPI for integration into LRS
  • LTI for LMS to LMS content sharing
  • Quality assurance
  • Engaging games
  • Enhance the learning experience
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We would love to hear from you and tell you more about our E-learning solutions for your next project.

Contact us today via the link here, or send an email to info@xgamedev.com. We look forward to working with you!