Compassion Dash

Chad reached out to XGameDev through CodeMentor, captivated by Melanie’s mentoring work on the platform. Melanie quickly embraced the project, drawn to its educational aspect and the opportunity to shed light on the global food crisis. 

The assets were supplied by Chad’s skilled team, and Construct 3 served as the development platform.

Taking over from a previous team, Melanie faced the initial challenge of debugging and familiarizing herself with the existing code, which resembled a bit of a spaghetti bowl. 

The project underwent a transformation, becoming more efficient and adhering to cleaner coding standards. New features, including a shop, points system, and characters, were seamlessly integrated. Game play was refined to cater to younger players, making it more accessible for little hands.

Collaborating with Chad was an enriching experience, and the shared passion for the project fostered a strong bond. This game not only brought a unique perspective to players but also forged a lasting friendship between Melanie and Chad.