Guac N Roll

XGameDev teamed up with Knobby underwear to craft a lively whack-a-mole style game for the launch of their new underwear line. Collaborating closely with the client, we developed three distinct prototypes, and the client selected the one that best matched their vision for a fun-filled launch. 

The talented artist team at Knobby provided all the assets, and Melanie worked her magic in Construct 3 to bring the game to life.

Utilizing Firebase, we ensured the secure retrieval and storage of leaderboards, email addresses, and mobile information. 

The project spanned a total of two months, with regular iterative builds shared with the client to ensure we exceeded their expectations. 

We concluded the project on a high note, delivering a game that surpassed the client’s vision and added an extra layer of excitement to their product launch.