Dudu Virtual Pet

During the early stages of Construct 2, we received a request to develop a Tamagotchi-style game for Nestle in Spain. 

The game required players to take care of various animals by feeding them, cleaning them, and showing them love, just like the original physical Tamagotchi game that was popular in the 90s. 

We were provided with all the necessary art assets, and our team at XGamedev was tasked with creating an HTML5 game that would be integrated into the client’s website.

Developing this game was a nostalgic experience for us as it brought back cherished childhood memories. 

We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project, and our expertise in Construct 2 allowed us to create a game that was not only fun and engaging but also reminiscent of a beloved classic. 

We were pleased to deliver a high-quality product that met the client’s requirements and exceeded their expectations.