End of Life Adobe Flash

Microsoft officially published on their website that Adobe Flash will no longer be supported as from 31 December 2020. This is the moment you run around and start screaming hysterically if you haven’t started preparing! Or is it? So whats the low down? Microsoft officially published on their website that Adobe Flash will not be […]

HTML5 Interactive Ad

Our team was asked to create a highly engaging and informative game to educate website visitors about the importance of recycling.


Samurai-style fighting game that could engage the players’ minds, without using violent graphics, while incorporating English tutoring elements into the game.

To bring this vision to life, we employed a wide range of technologies, including Unity, C#, IBM Watson, NodeJS, DevOps, JavaScript, Video Transcoding, HTML, CSS, Angular, Firebase, AWS, and AWS S3. The 3D assets used in the game were sourced from a 3D modeller who worked closely with our XGamedev team.

The final product is a cross-platform educational game that seamlessly integrates RPG and Endless Runner Mechanics, offering players an immersive gaming experience. The game also boasts a comprehensive CMS and LMS in the backend, allowing for efficient management of the game’s content and progress tracking.

Overall, this game is an exceptional example of how technology can be leveraged to create a fun and engaging learning experience. It combines education and entertainment, making it an excellent tool for language learning for early teens.

123 Fish

A HTML5 nursery rhyme project that is designed to assist with counting, and it’s designed to be interactive and engaging.

Dudu Virtual Pet

During the early stages of Construct 2, we received a request to develop a Tamagotchi-style game for Nestle in Spain. The game required players to take care of various animals by feeding them, cleaning them, and showing them love, just like the original physical Tamagotchi game that was popular in the 90s. We were provided with all the necessary art assets, and our team at XGamedev was tasked with creating an HTML5 game that would be integrated into the client’s website.

Animated HTML Rating System

XGamedev was impressed by the innovative approach taken by this client to incorporate a rating system into their website.

We were requested to create an HTML5 Slider with a particularly creative choice, and the touch and drag functionality coupled with the dynamic animations and images made for a delightful user experience.

I believe that more clients could encourage their customers to rate their services by implementing similar fun and interactive rating systems on their websites.