HTML5 Interactive Ad

Our team was asked to create a highly engaging and informative game to educate website visitors about the importance of recycling.

Using Construct 2/3 drag and drop technology, this arcade-style game provides a fun and interactive experience for players to learn about the recycling process.

Designed specifically in HTML 5 for release on web browsers, the game is easy to access and can be played directly on the client’s website.

To enhance the visual appeal and excitement of the game, we utilized vibrant animations crafted with different frames (spritesheets).

These animations not only make the game more appealing but also help to reinforce the importance of recycling.

We took pride in having been given the opportunity to work on such an inspirational project, as it allows us to contribute to raising awareness about what is recyclable and what is not.

By engaging players with a fun and interactive experience, we hope to encourage them to take a more active role in protecting our planet.