Block Gun 3D Aliens vs Cowboys

Our team at XGameDev was approached by an international client to lend our expertise in implementing the multiplayer feature of their upcoming mobile block-style game. 

While the game was already in development, the client was facing difficulties in getting the multiplayer aspect to function properly.

Given our previous experience and successful track record in implementing multiplayer in other gaming projects, we were thrilled to take on this project. 

Our team understood the challenges associated with implementing multiplayer functionality, and we were eager to put our skills to the test.

Through close collaboration with the client’s development team, we analyzed the existing code and identified the key issues that were preventing the multiplayer feature from working. 

We implemented a Photon platform and developed a customized solution that would enable seamless multiplayer gameplay and enhance the overall gaming experience.

Our team’s dedication and technical expertise ensured that the multiplayer feature was successfully implemented and tested, allowing the client’s game to launch on schedule with full multiplayer functionality. 

We were proud to have played a critical role in the development of the game and to have helped the client achieve their vision for their mobile block-style game.