At XGameDev, we are thrilled to have been entrusted with the development of Hubub, an innovative virtual campus ‘Metaversity’ solution for a prestigious University in Australia.

Our team spearheaded the entire development of Hubub

Jacques is handling Solution Architecture, Software Architecture, Unity C# programming, AWS deployment, multiplayer development, WebRTC video, and voice chat, to name a few.

Melanie, takes charge of Level Design and Level Assembly within Unity and crafting Character designs using Blender and MakeHuman. Additionally, Melanie excels as the scrum master, ensuring effective project management.


Pubbly is an interactive education company that stands out for having their own in-house 2D game engine, which she utilizes to create engaging and educational content.

Together with Pubbly, we develop a wide range of interactive educational materials, including games, books, and math activities, all designed to make learning a fun and exciting experience for young learners. By leveraging Pubbly’s in-house game engine, we are able to create interactive content that captivates children’s attention and encourages active participation.

One of the key advantages of Pubbly’s content is its compatibility with web browsers and HTML5-based platforms. This means that the educational materials we create can be easily accessed and enjoyed across different devices and operating systems. Whether it’s on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, children can seamlessly engage with our content, making learning accessible anytime and anywhere.

Working closely with Pubbly, we strive to deliver high-quality educational content that sparks curiosity and fosters a love for learning. By incorporating interactive elements and leveraging Pubbly’s game engine, we create immersive experiences that actively engage children in the educational process.

Together, our goal is to make education both enjoyable and effective, providing young learners with a solid foundation in various subjects while igniting their passion for knowledge. With Pubbly’s innovative game engine and our expertise in creating interactive educational content, we are proud to contribute to the advancement of education for young learners.


Zulu Chess

Multiplayer digital board game that resembles 12 Men’s Morris or Mills.

Pixel War 3D

Pixel War 3D is a Minecraft styled game made in Unity for Android and iOS

Snowman HTML5 Game

The festive season is a time when people are in a joyful and celebratory mood.

Rocket Blast

Our team developed an interactive HTML5 arcade-style game that adds an educational twist, and it was designed for release on iOS and web browsers. The game features vibrant animations crafted with different frames (spritesheets), which enhance the visual appeal and excitement of the game.

We take pride in having been involved in this project because it is designed to help children learn and grow while also having fun. The potential for positively impacting young minds is meaningful to us.

Rescue Wars Online

The game, Rescue Wars Online (RWO), was created with the purpose of raising funds for a family-owned not-for-profit rescue zoo, which provided care to injured and orphaned wildlife.


Samurai-style fighting game that could engage the players’ minds, without using violent graphics, while incorporating English tutoring elements into the game.

To bring this vision to life, we employed a wide range of technologies, including Unity, C#, IBM Watson, NodeJS, DevOps, JavaScript, Video Transcoding, HTML, CSS, Angular, Firebase, AWS, and AWS S3. The 3D assets used in the game were sourced from a 3D modeller who worked closely with our XGamedev team.

The final product is a cross-platform educational game that seamlessly integrates RPG and Endless Runner Mechanics, offering players an immersive gaming experience. The game also boasts a comprehensive CMS and LMS in the backend, allowing for efficient management of the game’s content and progress tracking.

Overall, this game is an exceptional example of how technology can be leveraged to create a fun and engaging learning experience. It combines education and entertainment, making it an excellent tool for language learning for early teens.

123 Fish

A HTML5 nursery rhyme project that is designed to assist with counting, and it’s designed to be interactive and engaging.

Poke the Pig

HTML5 tapping arcade style game for a corporate website.