Broken Roads is a narrative-driven RPG for PC and Console.

We were responsible for the development of Broken Roads from June 2019 to December 2021.

Jacques, as the Technical Lead, had the following responsibilities:

  • All software development at Drop Bear Bytes, creating Broken Roads RPG
  • Solution Architecture for Broken Roads solution, which included Articy Draft 3, an Angular Web App (CMS), NodeJS Automation, Bash Automation and Unity project for the game itself
  • Articy Draft 3
  • Implementation of custom fragments, from data design to implementation in Unity/C#
  • Created custom Articy
  • Draft 3 Plugins using
  • C#/WPF
  • Angular 9 WebApp
  • Inhouse custom tool, which was used as a CMS for the game items, characters, POI, locations, etc..
  • Software Architecture and development of the SPA using Angular, Firebase, NodeJS, Leaflet
  • NodeJS and Bash Automation
  • Source control automation and Content automation tools
  • Unity and C#
  • Design and development of all systems and modules in the game, from Gameplay, UI, Persistence, AI, Dialogue, Quests, Characters, Editor Tools, to name just a few.
  • Provide Unity technical support and training for the team
  • Provided technical support to Level designers, narrative team, and content team
  • Provided source control support and training to the entire team
  • Created and maintained technical standards, documents, and diagrams.
  • Created hand-over technical documents for Team17 and The Knights of Unity


Melanie, as the Level Assembler, had the following responsibilities:

  • Level Assembly of various scenes in Unity
  • Implementing game features
  • Documentation of manuals