A client from the USA contacted XGameDev through Upwork to create a platform that would compete with Epic Books. NoMeLoMe is a subsidiary of Tiny Readers Publishing that provides a digital content delivery platform specifically designed to cater to a wide range of media formats such as 

  • Animated ebooks, 
  • Puzzles, 
  • Quiz games, 
  • Music, 
  • and Videos. 

Its primary objective is to compete with other platforms, such as Epic Books, and offer unique features and advanced technologies that enhance the user experience.

To achieve this goal, XGamedev utilizes a range of cutting-edge technologies, including 

  • Unity, 
  • C#, 
  • IBM Watson, 
  • NodeJS, 
  • DevOps, 
  • JavaScript, 
  • Video Transcoding, 
  • HTML, 
  • CSS, 
  • Angular, 
  • Firebase, 
  • AWS, 
  • and AWS S3. 

These technologies enable the platform to offer fast and reliable delivery of digital content, as well as interactive and engaging features that keep users coming back.

Jacques’ knowledge of all these technologies was a one-stop shop for the client and took out the hassle of finding a person for every service needed. His full-stack experience and vast Unity skills were invaluable to this project