Unity Development

Our area of expertise lies in the creation of simulations, games, and applications utilizing the Unity game engine.

Jacques is a Unity Certified Expert: Programmer with over a decade of experience utilizing Unity and C#, while Melanie possesses over five years of experience as a Generalist with a specific focus on Level assembly and world-building in Unity.

Over the past ten years, we have utilized Unity to create a diverse range of applications, including web-first Non-NFT based Metaverses for large universities, multiplayer FPS mobile games utilizing BaaS such as Photon, Azure Playfab, Socket.io, and Gamesparks, simulation and training web games for eLearning providers utilizing SCORM, xAPI, and Moodle, indoor navigation apps, drone path-mapping solutions, and large-scale data-driven single-player games such as RPGs and RTS with custom content automation backends.

Additionally, we have created various casual, educational, and action games for Android and iOS.

We provide full SDLC for Unity development while adhering to an Agile Scrum methodology.

  • Web-first Non-NFT based Metaverses
  • Multiplayer FPS mobile games
  • Photon
  • Azure Playfab
  • Socket.io
  • Gamesparks
  • Simulation and training Web games for eLearning
  • xAPI
  • Moodle
  • Indoor navigation applications
  • Drone path-mapping solutions
  • Large-scale data-driven single-player games
  • RPGs and RTS with custom content automation backends.
  • Casual, educational, and actions games for Android and iOS

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